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So, My Goodness Doesn’t Count for Anything?

Our world prizes self-reliance, good behavior, and personal achievement. They seem to promise all the benefits this life has to offer . . . and good standing before God for the next life. But, what if God has something much better?

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It’s Just the Way I Am . . . I Guess I am Stuck

Do you ever feel defeated by your past and unable/unworthy to change? Perhaps you believe that any good for your life will only come through your hard work? Is that exhausting? What if there is a better way?

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Defeating Darkness and Death through Love and Life

The heart of the gospel is this: We were dead in sin; God loves us so much that He overcame both death and sin through Jesus and brought us into fullness of LIFE! His power and glory shine in us as the newness of His creation.

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I Am Not Perfect . . . But I Am NOT That Bad!

Have you ever gone through a really difficult time, impossible to traverse alone, and looked back to realize you were in much greater danger or despair than you ever imagined? As you understand how desperate your situation had been with many perils waiting to take you down, and you recognize that you are in a much better place, what thoughts and emotions fill you?

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Coming out of the Fog into Magnificent Hope!

How powerful is God? Do you believe His Truth can bring victory over all the hard things of the past? Are you ready to put Him to the test? Come along and see how He is waiting to bless you!

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The Treasures of Heaven

What happens to treasure that belongs to you, but you don't know you have it? Perhaps you don't believe you deserve it and never open the package. God has wonderful treasures for us right now that are waiting for us to discover and make our own.

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The Surpassing Greatness of God’s Power

Scripture prayers help us access the power of God in our lives. We know the words align with His heart and we can pray with confidence for His fulfillment of our requests.

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A Father’s Joy: Part 3

Sometimes the glory of God and the brilliance of His salvation plan shows up in the most humble surroundings. Always, it is a call for those observing to to seek Him and draw near to worship. How has the Lord revealed Himself in your life and your world?

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A Father’s Joy: Part 1

Have you ever wondered about the story of Jesus' birth from Joseph's perspective? I wrote this several years ago when pondering that many of the Christmas stories and songs revolve around Mary, and I wanted to understand more about the man who stands faithfully in the shadows of Scripture without a recorded word.