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The Treasures of Heaven: A short Bible study of Ephesians 1:1-23

What happens to treasure that belongs to you, but you don't know you have it? Perhaps you don't believe you deserve it and never open the package. God has wonderful treasures for us right now that are waiting for us to discover and make our own.

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A Father’s Joy: Part 3

Sometimes the glory of God and the brilliance of His salvation plan shows up in the most humble surroundings. Always, it is a call for those observing to to seek Him and draw near to worship. How has the Lord revealed Himself in your life and your world?

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A Father’s Joy: Part 1

Have you ever wondered about the story of Jesus' birth from Joseph's perspective? I wrote this several years ago when pondering that many of the Christmas stories and songs revolve around Mary, and I wanted to understand more about the man who stands faithfully in the shadows of Scripture without a recorded word.

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The Best-ever Book of Secrets for Success in Adventure Gaming

What if you could have the most detailed book of secrets for being successful at your life adventure? How might you approach such a treasure? How would it change your life? Come and see.

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How to have a relationship with God: 5 Key Steps

What does it look like to have a relationship with God? Surprisingly, it is really no different than getting deeply connected to a good friend.

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7 Reasons for Responding to God’s Invitation

God is the Creator. How can I have a relationship with Him and why should I pursue that? You might be surprised to learn that He longs to have a deep friendship with you.

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Today’s Grace-truths: Appetizers for Heaven’s Glories

Do you know the truth about who you are in God's eyes? Take a look. It may dramatically change your life.